Yelp Listings of Area Businesses by Zip Code
Link to Yelp is for visitor convenience and does not indicate endorsement of that site or its listings.

Collins Country Greenhouse at mile 10: A friend of the trail not currently on Yelp; food, beverages, plants

***List of all ZIP codes in Knox County for your convenience. The Trail does not pass through each one.

Trail Map~with parking, paved sections, and mile markers
43005 Bladensburg
43006 Brinkhaven
43011 Centerburg: Memorial Park near mile 4(parking, access, restrooms, water), restaurants, shops
43014 Danville
43019 Fredericktown
43022 Gambier
43028 Howard
43037 Martinsburg
43048 Mount Liberty: mile 8(parking, access, play & picnic area)
43050 Mount Vernon:
  • Thayer Road mile 13(parking, access, restroom, picnic table, near Thayer Ridge Park, Knox Co. Horse Park open to public during shows)
  • intersection with Mount Vernon city trail past mile 15 (parking, access, restroom, park, shopping)

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